Our Story

We are a dedicated group of professionals from diverse industries whose passion is to research into the existing and possible fall outs of modern day lifestyles, food and dietary choices of the changing world, and come up with innovative ideas and solutions to help address the pandemic of the ever emerging health issues faced by humanity.

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Our Mission

To wake up the minds of people into looking back at time tested solutions of our yesteryear's - long forgotten nutrition and dietary and living lifestyles (which are effective even today in offsetting many of our current lifestyle diseases)

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About our team

Our team consisting of Microbiologists, Scientists, Engineers and Doctors delve into issues from a radically different angle - constantly on the look out for Natural, Safe and Effective means of Health Management.

Our diverse team of professionals brainstorm regularly on every aspect and deeply delve into every angle of health hazards - ranging from Biological, Anecdotal , Environmental, Medical and Poor Nutrition and build upon models of Safe, Economical and Easy to Use methodologies for the common goal of achieving optimal health.

This being an "On going challenge" our work continues uninterrupted . Mention must be made here to acknowledge the priceless contributions made by many of our associates , and other colleagues in the Industry from where we also have derived our inspiration.

We therefore do not prescribe, preach or profer advice on symptomatic addressal of disease management but help people take charge of their own health by training them to address their own issues.

Tools and methods promulgated by us have either been around for a long time – but now forgotten- or have been thoroughly researched for providing a Holistic and safe management of well being.

The Biotex Group

The BIOTEX group was founded by Dr Leroy Rebello and Dr Sreesudha Chepyala on the 9 th January 2014 with its HQ based out of Hyderabad - Telangana, India.

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Dr. Leroy Rebello
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Dr. Sreesudha Chepyala

Being professionals in their chosen disciplines of Health Care in Australia and the USA , their commitment to serve the people of India with all the experience that they garnered out of their worldwide study, travels and practice led to the establishment of a Research and Development facility at the Genome Valley , in the outskirts of Hyderabad primarily focused in the development of Herbal formulations for the redressal of the various health issues that were rapidly growing at that time.

Foresight into the issues of improper nutrition or the lack of it in modern day foods along with the issues of poor water and sanitation led to the founding principle of the Company's core philosophy of addressing the three vital issues in which all life rest FOOD, WATER, AND AIR.

Our Advisor

An image of D. R. Karthikeyan

Dr. D. R. Kaarthikeyan

PADMA SHRI Awarded by President of India

Advisor: Law - Human Rights, Responsibilities, Resources

President: Foundation for Peace, Harmony and Good Governance Age Care India

Devarayapuram Ramasamy Kaarthikeyan is a former Indian Police Service officer (1964 Batch and Karnataka cadre) from Tamil Nadu, and a former Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation and Director General, National Human Rights Commission.

President/Chairman/Advisor/Director in many prestigious organisations and promoter of environment, yoga, spirituality and Integrated Medicine

In keeping with this the Company's efforts revolved around the need to "fortify" the nutrition (that is lost or not available in today's food) , ensure proper use of the scarce resource of water - through purification and recycling - as well as sanitise the filthy air recirculated in many hospitality industries - by ensuring bacteria and germ free air.

Nutraceuticals that enhanced the availability of key Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins as well as other herbal products like - Moringa , Ashwagandha, Ginger , and Curcumin were developed through a strict regimen of sourcing of raw materials , processing and testing.

Today the group prides in the development of Nano Technology for the manufacture of herbal products.


Nano Curcumin was developed and registered in 2018 and is a one off product of its kind - offering people the benefits of CURCUMIN supplementation but in its Nano particle size form- this helping the body absorb 100% of the CURCUMIN at the Cellular level thus offering real benefits in the management of many inflammatory diseases.


The Nano CURCUMIN of BIOTEX was successfully tested at the National Facility for Biopharmaceuticals Mumbai , a GOI unit and today the development of all the other herbals using this sane Nano Technology is the cornerstone of our work and research into the effective human benefits that this offers as compared to their conventional forms.

On going research continues into many a new technology in the core philosophy of the Company and all its findings are regularly published in the website for the benefit of everyone.

We are a small group of highly motivated and dedicated people who work with the community for the community and our products and research we are sure will go a long way into marking the future of Health both in India and globally.

Our R&D work

Catch up with all the Research & Development projects conducted by Biotex.

Welfare projects

Addressing the health of the weak and the marginalized sections of our society has been one of the key areas of focus in our work.

With a diversified product range in the field of dietary and nutrition fortifying supplements, Biotex works with stake holders in the areas of health and malnutrition.

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