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A project run by Ms Global Green Company Limited - (A Thapar group company) at Venkatapur, Telangana - was executed by Biotex over a period of 6 months.

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An awareness camp on health and malnutrition was organized by Ms Global Green Company limited (A Thapar group company) for the benefit of around 200 local female villagers in June 2021.

The camp facilitated the medical advisor of Biotex- to interact and discuss all the health issues and problems generally encountered by these villagers.

Data on their social, regional, and cultural profiles along with the issues of:

  • Nutrition intake in their diets, health issues and challenges faced by them in their daily life were analyzed.

  • Based on this interaction with them a recommendation for the introduction of specific multi vitamin, protein and micronutrients lacking in their diets was made to the company.

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Ms Global Green Company tasked Biotex with the development of specific formulations to serve the needs of these 200 villagers for a six-month period

  • Magnesium complex

  • Vma Complex - minerals and amino acid complex.

Post the supply and distribution of these dietary supplements a second interaction with them was organized and feedback obtained, and further recommendations were given to them on the supplements being provided and manner of intake etc.

The overall response and feedback of the villagers and the benefits of such dietary nutrition fortifications engineered by Biotex- was extremely positive.

Biotex aims to further increase the reach of such programmers and help our rural population derive the maximum benefit from advanced nutritional formulas.

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With the development of our Nano curcumin - the-particle sizes of the standard curcumin are reduced to 10 nano meters in size whereupon the bioavailability is enhanced greatly as this form of nano curcumin is highly water soluble.

Biotex pioneered the development of nano technology for herbal drug delivery systems and with the introduction of our nano curcumin ™ the paradigm shift in curcumin delivery to the body was established.

Curcumin as we all know (extracted from the turmeric root) has been well researched over many years worldwide for its various health benefits - being a potent anti inflammatory and antioxidant- with supportive benefits for gut health, immunity, and brain health. However, curcumin is poorly absorbed by the body as it is rapidly eliminated from the body and is often made with added catalysts like black pepper extract to boost its “bioavailability”

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