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Working with HIV AIDS affected children

Biotex had the privilege to work with the PALAWI project and provide for children affected with HIV Aids.

One woman's crusade to provide care for abandoned children of parents with the HIV infection has transformed the lives of many such poor and marginalised.

Mangal Shah today at 69 had set up the PALAWI project in 2001 under the aegis of the Prabha-Hira Pratisthan at Pandharpur in Maharashtra.

Today the project is home to over 125 children abandoned and homeless and with the HIV infection.

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Meet Mangal Shah, the brain behind Palawi, who fought the stigma to give shelter to orphaned children living with HIV.

Palawi believes that all children have a fundamental rights to a loving, fun-filled childhood with access to health, education, and a safe and stigma free environment. Palawi has given a lifetime commitment to provide for their educational, nutritional, medical and recreational needs. We also aim at bringing awareness on HIV/AIDS and to sensitise the general population to the prevalence of HIV.

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BIOTEX with its core philosophy of nurturing health with nutritional support commenced supplies of its flagship and advanced product - NANO CURCUMIN in late 2021 as a voluntary donated support to the cause of the project.

Contributing in a small way to help the children enhance their immune system and provide some succour to these children and totally supping the inspiring work of Ms Mangal Shah and her team members.

After checks on the administration of the NANO CURCUMIN to these children (mixed with their milk and food and water). BIOTEX further supplied more quantities of NANO CURCUMIN.

In a visit to the home of these destitute children in June 2021, and based on the feedback from the Honorary Secretary - Ms. Dimple Ghadge - BIOTEX will continue to support these children with our NANO CURCUMIN regularly to them.

Here is what the Founder Ms Mangal Shah and her daughter, Ms. Dimple Ghadge had to say:

A letter from Ms. Dimple Ghande