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Mitochondria, The Energy House of Life

When we go for a journey into the cell, the mitochondria take our attention to a high energy level, as they are the “powerhouse of the cell, so of the body. They are the ground for cellular respiration, and extensively generate fuel for the cell's activities, by converting energy into many forms , useful for the cell.

As The Energy is everything that needed for keeping the equilibrium of healthy living cells, the Mitochondrial dysfunction is the primary reason for age related decline.

In each cell cytoplasm, there are hundreds to thousands of Mitochondrion, with multiple copies of Mitochondrial DNA(mt DNA), ribosome and they can make their own proteins. As they have their own DNA, they can replicate and increase in number within a single human cell.

Unlike nuclear DNA, which is contributed by both the parents, the mtDNA is normally inherited exclusively from mother. Eventhough the DNA has repair capacity and is covered with proteins, is particularly susceptible to reactive oxygen species synthesized from respiratory chain . This leads to mutation and ends in alteration in the coding instructions for some proteins, causing age decline and age related derangements.

It also takes part in processes like signaling, cellular differentiation and multiplication, cell death and determines cell's cycle and growth.

The protein takes food molecule and combines it with oxygen to produce energy in the form of Adenosine Tri Phosphate(ATP).

Mitochondria, The Health and Youth

The Cell Scientists and Biologists bring forward the relation between the number of functional mitochondria and life longevity. Defective and deficient mitochondria virtually leads to the decline in health, leading to degenerative changes.

So the More the Functional Mitochondria, the greater the overall health and life durability.

The damages to mtDNA leads to more destructive mutations, than that of nuclear DNAs. The formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) like super oxide anion, hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl radicals etc. as byproducts of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation. The mutations will lead to releasing of proteins that activating caspase pathway, leading to aging of the body.

Aging can be considered as a slow oxidation of our bodies. This is helped by the enzyme called Superoxide dismutase.

The increase in mitochondrial function, by slowing down of the oxidation process is the exclusive way to reverse the aging process naturally For this more antioxidants and growth factors are essential. But many anti oxidants from food cant penetrate through mitochondrial membrane.

Stem Cell Peel and Cream as Mitochondrial Nutrition to prevent Aging

So, to regenerate skin and to reverse aging signs with the maximum perfection, Biotex presents, The Biphasic Stem cell Peel, derived from Green Apple, with the help of nano technology. The Peel is accompanied by stem cell cream, which doubles the effects and results. The peel and cream are so potential and powerful that they can penetrate mitochondrial barrier and act as mitochondrial nutrient.

The Stem cell peel and cream are special preparations with a novel nano plant cell culture rich in epigenetic factors ,metabolites, phyto nutrients, potential growth factors and longer living stem cells. These are specially formulated to give nutrition to the mitochondria present in each cell of skin layers. This will support the mitochondrion to function perfectly and to release more energy for the health of the skin. So by maintaining the mitochondrial activity to a higher level, it prolongs life span of the cells and increases the defense mechanism.

They can stimulate the proteasome activity to increase the removal of damaged proteins, and protects the skin from premature aging . Otherwise the accumulation of damaged protein leads to loss of rhythm of cell cycle and protein synthesis and ends in aging of the skin and body.