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Lipo Capsules

African Mango (Irvingia gabonensis)

This mango is a native of tropical rain forests of the African coast. The was used in many traditional treatments for many diseases. Recently the researches and studies done on them show, They are very high in both nutritional and therapeutic values.

African mango has the ability to induce weight loss and an overall improvement in general health.

Amla (Indian gooseberry)

Amla is the most powerful anti-aging and rejuvenating agent ever known to man. The health benefits can be attributed to its high vitamin C benefits. It contains nearly twenty times as much vitamin C as orange juice.

As it contains low calorie, more fiber and Vitamin C, the fat reduction will be more as the metabolism is increased. And it helps in protein metabolism and enhances muscle mass improvement

Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas)

Sweet potato is the sixth most important food crop in the world, and its uses in health maintaining and anti aging are getting the lights of the world now a days. This is one of the crops selected by U.S National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), to be grown in a controlled ecological life supporting system as a primary food source.

Ongoing Researches and Studies show that, its constituents are mainly antioxidative polyphenolics like anthocyanins and phenolic acids and dietary fiber. They are rich in water content and low in calorie content. These properties make the sweet potato unavoidable in the field of obesity and anti aging treatments.

Wheat Grass(Triticum AestivumIn)

Wheat grass is one of the so-called green foods that are valued by health-conscious individuals as a great natural source of nutrients. It can be considered as a complete food as it is rich in almost all vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and other healthy elements.

It helps in weight reduction by suppressing the appetite and by improving digestion and metabolism.