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The BIOTEX MELATONIN + a complex formulation of MELATONIN and VALERIAN root extract with VITAMIN B6 which helps in the management of the dual functions of Sleep regulation as well as Sleep management.


A hormone produced by the pineal gland, MELATONIN is crucial as a sleep regulator- The importance of this hormone for health has been long researched and studied. MELATONIN does not knock one off to sleep! But instead, it lets the body adjust to the release of this hormone at specific times of the day esp at nightfall and under conditions of the absence of light- light interferes with the production and release of this hormone - and helps the body to relax and induce sleep naturally.

With the modern-day advances in technologies such as wi-fi and the hazardous impacts of blue light which is all prevailing - MELATONIN production is affected and thus can be taken orally as a supplement along with implementing other measures such as inducing a light free environment at sleep time.

MELATONIN works in sync with one's Circadian Rhythm. The Circadian Rhythm is our body's internal clock and helps us establish our Sleep as well as Wake times and the levels rise when dark to signal the body to go to sleep and is modulated with light to help the body to wake up. MELATONIN also helps regulate our blood pressure, temperature as well as some of our other hormones. MELATONIN as known helps in addressing the issues of jet lag.

Apart from its effects on Circadian regulation, MELATONIN also has been researched for its Antioxidant, Anti-ageing, Immunomodulation and Anticancer properties.With the decline in the body's production of this vital hormone as one ages, this is a potent tool in the management of sleep regulation in the elderly as well as in patients for their overall health issues - potentially arising out of the lack of proper sleep.

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Valerian root extract

Valeriana Officinalis commonly known as VALERIAN is native to Europe and Asia. While the flowers were used in perfumes, the root portion was used in traditional medicine since a very long time. The root has several compounds prominent among them being - valerianic acid, isovaleric acid and other potent antioxidants- primarily HESPERIDIN and LINARIN both of which have sedative and sleep-inducing properties. Valerianic Acid has been found to inhibit the breakdown of the Neurotransmitter GABA (Gamma - Aminobutyric Acid) - Low levels of GABA are known to induce chronic stress and anxiety and low-quality sleep.

Vitamin B6

Critical to the effects of this vitamin in creating neurotransmitter for the regulation of GABA - this acts as a catalyst to the main ingredients of MELATONIN and VALERIAN in this formulation- apart from its key role in helping fight off mild symptoms of depression and preventing a decline in brain function.

The BIOTEX MELATONIN+ is available as a mouth dissolving tablet and typically to be taken about an hour prior to bed time for best results.

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A good night’s sleep is no longer a pipe dream, with Melatonin to the rescue! Say goodbye to sleep disorders.

Useful in

    Brain health
    Sleep / stress disorders
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