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Addressing the Health of Workers in the Mining Industry

While the major Mining Industries in India are investing a lot in taking care of the health of the workers in the Mining Industry at their health centres – on a regular basis, this paper attempts to radically look at health from a different angle:

The importance of dietary and other sources of nutrition for enhanced health  

Mine workers mostly come from economically weaker backgrounds and are exposed to hazardous work conditions that can have detrimental effects over long periods of working in physically demanding conditions.

Typical occupational health hazards they are exposed to “on the job” range from: 

Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Fatigue, Musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular disease, Tuberculosis, and even Cancer (lung, liver and colon being prominent). 

While basic nutrition is important for everyone, the issue of poor diets lacking in basic micronutrients leading to the progression of many such above mentioned health issues is a major issue with mine workers. 

The basic nutrition lacking in the daily diet is a cause of concern and the need for the fortification of nutrition in diets is the need of the hour for

  • Reduced risk of poor health
  • Reduced risk of stress and issues related to strenuous physical activity, as well as
  • Reduced risk from infections- all fungal, bacterial, and viral (esp. when living in poor conditions and hygiene compromised environments)

While dietary supplements can be expensive – a low-cost supplementation that addresses certain key elements of wellbeing and health – can be considered to be administered along with a sustained programme of educating these workers on the need for the basic maintenance of health through proper nutrition.

Some important and critical nutrients that can be considered for administration on a regular basis as an added catalyst to their diets can be:

  1. AN EASILY AND BIOAVAILABLE FORM OF PROTEIN (Amino Acids) for helping them with their physical energy requirements as well as mental health) along with key VITAMINS and other MINERALS that can that are available in a formulation developed Esp for such workers This formula – VITA MAX – has several critical micronutrients and Amino Acids blended in appropriate ratios – and provide the foundation for their ability to handle sustained strenuous activity
  2. A vast majority of the population Esp workers in factories and other rural areas lack the critical element of Magnesium – which is critical for many bodily issues amongst them being:

A typical Magnesium formulation with added Zinc and Vitamin B6 helps the body in all above issues and helps attain a better health to sustain the regular physical needs of work on a daily basis.

Apart from these other specific formulations developed with a highly BIO AVAILABLE form of Herbal Extracts – like:

NANO CURCUMIN (anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, powerful immune health support) 

CURCUMIN has long been studied and researched for its beneficial effects on Liver health and the issues caused by the habits of alcohol consumption).

NANO ASHWAGANDHA (potent anti stress agent, improved hormonal balance for strength)

Are also available and can be administered amongst these workers on a regular basis 

Addressing the NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES AND REQUIREMENTS of these workers will go a long way in improving their overall health, and also resistance to the incidences of the risk of infections etc. and will be a huge motivational boost to their performance and overall work efficiency as also with a reduced absenteeism. 

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